Achieve Greater Revenues: Get a secure and trusted Website

In the Digital era we live in today, it’s imperative for an organization especially businesses to have an online presence and no we are not talking about e-commerce focused businesses but any business entity. An official website gets your business an address on the web, a place where your customers can get to know more about your business, give feedback, share their grievances if any and basically get the idea that your business is alive and kicking.



Threats of having an Unsecured and Distr

usted website

  • Ø Easy for Hackers to break into your website and damage your online presence
  • Ø If your website involves any kind of user information, data or details the threat of it being leaked.
  • Ø Being a home to malware and Trojan viruses.
  • Ø Low credibility, which can result in lower web traffic and visitors to your website thereby reducing your brand image and revenue both online and offline.


Creating and maintaining a secure website

There are millions of web pages on the internet, how does a customer knows that your website is actually your official presence and can be trusted with their data, payments, details etc.? A lot of times businesses having a simple web presence or simple e-commerce sites don’t get the required visitors/customers as expected. One of the possible reasons is users don’t trust your website with their information or feel safe about sharing their financial details on your website. There are many possible ways through which you can achieve greater transparency and ensure that your website is safe and secure for your visitors/customers –

  • Ø Get SEO rich content on your website – It gets your website better rankings on Web search engine’s which generally translates into greater credibility.
  • Ø Use HTTPS protocol to transfer data – The HTTPS protocol encrypts the data while transferring it to-from the server and hence provides better security.
  • Ø Use SSL certificates – The SSL certificates uses cryptographic techniques to encrypt the data flowing between two parties.
  • Ø Use Secure payment getaways – In the case of an e-commerce website it’s highly preferred to have a payment getaway channel that is completely secure, reliable and provides a host of payment options to choose from.
  • Ø Use Bitcoins as a payment option– Bitcoin is the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment currency. Its foundation lies in internet itself. Bitcoins are created by using cryptography techniques over the internet and to verify and record each transaction. It’s easily tradable and its success can be gauged by the fact that there are ‘binary options’ traded on them. The currency is being widely used today, for transaction on various goods and services. It’s completely safe to use Bitcoins  as it can’t be duplicated and the risks for fraudulent transactions can be reduced. A business owner or organization can also get the appraisal of Bitcoins done so as to offer their product or service in the digital currency.

Finally, a trusted and secured website can provide your business with a credible brand image online and offline. Your customers and visitors will have a sense of security and no anxiety while browsing, providing their details or doing transaction on your website. In the long run, it’s the customer satisfaction and belief that translates into repeat sales and growth in revenues.

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